CME”sFCS-8 and FCS-8A portable compensated gas flow benches utilize laminarflow elements, pressure transducers, an RTD, and a dedicatedsingle-board computer to accurately measure the volumetric and standardflowrate,  automatically correcting for fluctuations in the gasstream temperature and pressure. The standard versions are calibratedfor use with air, nitrogen, and oxygen. Other gases are available uponrequest. The FCS-8 is calibrated for flows of three SCCM (0.003 SLPM)to 330 SLPM at an accuracy of +/- 0.75 percent of reading. The FCS-8(A)is calibrated for flows from one SCCM (0.001 SLPM) to 1,000 SLPM at thesame accuracy. Other flow ranges and accuracies are available uponrequest. Both units are NIST traceable.