Omega Engineering”sOS4000 Series of industrial high-speed fiber optic infraredtransmitters are capable of measuring temperature from 200 C to 1,600 C(392 F to 2,912 F) using three standard optical fields of view andthree standard fiber-optic cable lengths. This CE-compliant product hasa response time of one millisecond and adjustable emissivity from .05to .99. Other standard features include built-in laser sighting forlens probe positioning, linear analog output (1 mV/ Deg, 0/5 VDC, 0/10VDC, or 4-20 mA), high and low alarm outputs, fiber-optic gain adjust,maximum & minimum temperature measurement, RS232 interface, and aWindows-based PC interface software to allow changing response time,high & low alarm set points, and data logging. Transmitter mountingbracket and mounting nuts are included. Water cool jacket, vacuumbushing, air purge collar and mounting bracket for the fiber optic lensprobe are all optional accessories. Optional two relays with contactclosure outputs and custom optical field of views and temperatureranges are available. The transmitter is a good fit for semiconductor,petrochemical, steel and plastic industries. Recommended applicationsare induction heating, vacuum chamber, metal processing and powergeneration.