KROHNE”sMFC 300 Converter offers optimal measurement performance and featuresa diagnostic function that can diagnose problems with both themeasuring instrument and measurement process while complying withstandard industry outputs. The converter concept is based on theuniversal converter used in electromagnetic flowmeters, and its designallows for performance in multiple areas, including hazardousenvironments. The converter features modular hardware that allows foreasy selection for all required outputs and is interchangeable inmultiple housing configurations. In the unlikelyevent that the converter experiences a system failure, it comes with asplit architecture solution for security and a redundant backup ofcalibration parameters; the converter does not need to be reprogrammedafter a failed unit is replaced. The converter supports a variety ofapplications, such as the chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas,machinery and pharmaceutical industries, minerals and mining, powerplants, and pulp and paper. It is best suited for applicationsinvolving liquids and gases, slurries, and viscous products.