Thermo Fisher Scientific”s  Flo-Cal 6000 and 8000 high-speed calorimeters are designed to accurately measure the heating value of combustible gases for refineries and related facilities, landfill operations and steel plants. Designed to measure the heating content of gas streams in Wobbe Index, Calorific Value and/or Specific Gravity, the Flo-Cal 6000 and 8000 are a good fit for monitoring the heating value of combustible gases, blended gas streams and gas heating value quality. Both models are also now designed to integrate with the Thermo Scientific Sarasota FD900 gas density meter. The combined systems guarantee accuracy of .1kg/m3 for density and are capable of achieving specific gravity measurement of 0.1 percent of full scale. The calorimeters fully integrate with the Modbus communications protocol, offer 4-20 mA outputs, and are available in hazardous-area designs or climate-controlled packaging.