The Measurement, Control, and Automation Association (MCAA, published a salary survey of administrative, sales, marketing, service, and engineering positions. The survey is based on results gathered from the organization’s member companies.

According to the survey, overall compensation increased in 2004-2005 by an average 3 percent. This trend contrasts with the organization’s 2003-2004 survey, which showed some pruning of middle-management positions following a period of slow industry sales. Virtually every group of positions was affected in 2004 except Software Engineering, and the largest reductions showed in the Field Sales and Service category. This year that trend was reversed. All categories except Software Engineering showed an increase in incumbents. The most substantial increases in staffing came in Field Service, where there was a 33 percent increase in employees accompanied by a 6 percent average increase in the weighted base rates for these service positions. In addition, the number of Customer Service Manager positions increased by 50 percent, with average weighted base rates increasing by 19 percent.

Included in the survey are averages on commissions and incentives. This year 23 positions out of 70 reported were paid commissions (down 15 percent from 2004), while 53 of 70 positions were paid incentive compensation (down by 13 percent over the prior year). However, while the number of employees receiving compensation over base salaries decreased, the average value of commissions rose by 14 percent and incentives by 23.5 percent over all of the job categories, with Design and Development employees enjoying the highest percentage increase in incentive compensation.

The MCAA survey is conducted each summer and published in September. Each of the jobs reported includes information on the numbers of companies matching the defined responsibilities, the lowest base rate reported by participants, the highest base rate reported, and the average base rate (both weighted and unweighted).

— Flow Control Staff