The Measurement, Control, & Automation Association (MCAA, released its 2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey, examining buyers, users, resellers/distributors from disciplines of engineering, purchasing, and distribution. The questionnaire falls into four major groups: Product and Service Quality; The Sales Experience, Operational Performance; and Overall Satisfaction Measures. For each question, response choices included excellent, very good, good, fair, poor or not applicable/no opinion.

Eliminating those who had no opinion, the survey showed that in the area of Product and Service Quality, MCAA suppliers rated very good or excellent, regarding
quality of products (81% of the respondents), value of products/services (74%), and product design (76%). In the area of service, the results are a little less impressive, according to MCAA. Service categories include customer service (69.4% found MCAA companies very good or excellent), technical support (68%), availability of spare parts (54%), repairs (50%), and customer training (51%).

In all of the Sales Experience areas, the customers rated very good or excellent responses from better than 70% of the respondents. In the Operational Performance category, instrumentation suppliers may want to look closely at their marketing materials and Web site, which just 58% of customers found very good or excellent, according to MCAA.

From an overall perspective, 66% of customers found the reputations of MCAA member companies to be very good or excellent, they rated these companies very good or excellent 71% of the time and over 95% would be somewhat or very likely to recommend them and somewhat or very likely to purchase from them again in the future.