Burger & Brown Engineering”sSmartflow line of injection molding accessories includes Safe-Locksafety couplers, which mate with standard quick-connect fittings. Aninternal locking mechanism prevents coupler disconnection when fluid ispresent inside the line (20 PSI minimum).  The non-valved designprovides the safety of a valved-coupler without internal flowrestriction. Couplers are available with 1/4″ or 3/8″ flow diameter instraight and 90-degree configurations. Hoses and assemblies are offeredalong with the Safe-Lock couplers as assemblies or as stand-aloneitems. All hoses are rated for maximum working pressure of 15 bar (217PSI). Three hose materials are available. EPDM hose is rated for 140 C(284 F) in red, blue, and black for supply and return-line designation.Silicone 170 C (338 F) and Viton 200 C (392 F) hoses are equipped withstainless steel exterior braid and are well suited for high temperatureapplications.  Hose assemblies may be made to order or assembledon site with a proprietary crimping tool. Safe-Lock couplings and hoseassemblies are recommended for injection molding cooling water loops,material furnace cooling, and similar applications where personalsafety and shop floor cleanliness are required.