Barnant Company”s Masterflex I/P process pump system features a 1/3-hp PWM brushless motor drive, roller and ball bearing construction, and a nonchip, epoxy-coated IP55 washdown steel enclosure, making it well-suited for 24-hour, continuous-duty operations. The system”s small package makes it a good fit for limited-space process applications – light enough to carry with one hand, but powerful enough to drive two pump heads with any tubing formulation. The pump’s operating range is 33 to 650 RPM, with a flow range of 0.20 to 4.5 GPM (0.8 to 17 LPM) using a single high-performance pump head. The drive accepts either Masterflex I/P Easy-Load or Masterflex I/P High-Performance pump heads. Expanded operating flow range up to 9000:1 (0.03 GPH to 270 GPH) is achievable by using the Masterflex L/S adapter plate and Easy-Load pump heads. The drive’s maintenance-free, brushless DC gear motor is reversible, allowing the user to pump in any direction, as well as purge before or after pumping. The drive supports +/- 0.25 percent speed control via a three-turn potentiometer for quick, easy adjustments. Start/stop/reverse is controlled via a sealed keypad with separate on-off switch. The controller incorporates overload-protected, soft-start, current-limiting circuitry for smooth operation and long service life. Pump speed is displayed on an easy-to-read LED display, showing percent speed with 1 percent resolution. The pump’s remote inputs/outputs can directly interface with a facility’s SCADA systems.