Alicat Scientific’s MCV mass flow controller for vacuum coating and sputtering processes provides the tight shut-off capability required to maintain product integrity. Its integrated pneumatic shut-off valve is normally closed, affording positive shut-off of 1 by 10-9 atm sccm/sec Helium max. The mass flow controller accurately controls gas flowrates as low as 0.5 sccm or as high as 20 slpm with response times of 50 to 100 milliseconds. Pre-programmed with calibrations for 30 gases, the flow controller displays mass flow, volumetric flow, absolute pressure, and temperature. The unit may be programmed directly through the instrument’s keypad or remotely via RS-232 (RS-485 also available). It uses the same patented laminar flow differential-pressure (DP) technology as all Alicat Scientific flow instruments. It has NIST-traceable certification and carries the CE mark.