Over the past month, we’ve added some new and compelling video content to the FlowTube video service on FlowControlNetwork.com. FlowTube is a running archive of videos that focuses on various and sundry technologies and solutions for fluid movement, measurement and containment. Here are brief summaries of the video content we’ve added to FlowTube recently, with direct links to the video player page so you can watch what you want. If you have videos (or suggestions) for our FlowTube service, email us at FlowControl@GrandViewMedia.com.

How to Correct Pump Soft FootHow to Correct Pump Soft Foot

This video explains how to correct pump soft foot via a three-step process: 1. a rough alignment; 2. a rough soft-foot check; and 3. a final soft-foot check.

Brought to you by LUDECA


How Pitot Tube Flowmeters WorkHow Pitot Tube Flowmeters Work

This video animation demonstrates the principle of operation for differential-pressure pitot tube flow measurement systems.

Brought to you by Endress+Hauser


Flow range of electromagnetic variable flow control valveFlow Range of Electromagnetic Variable Flow Control Valve

This video demonstrates a wide range of air flows that can be metered through one model of the SHUKOS electromagnetic variable flow control valve. The demo also shows the difference between coarse and fine voltage/current control supplied to the valve's input.

Brought to you by: SHUKOS Components

LJ Star Borosilicate Sightglass VideoHow Strong Is a Borosilicate Sight Glass?

The following video shows a high-pressure impact test on a borosilicate sight glass. The test shows how borosilicate sight glass can stand up to the demands of extremely high-pressure applications.

Brought to you by: LJ Star Incorporated

Rockwell Industrial Cloud Computing Case StudyCase Study: Industrial Cloud Computing

A heavy equipment oil and gas OEM pioneers first-of-its-kind, cloud computing asset performance management with help from Rockwell Automation and Microsoft.

Brought to you by: Rockwell Automation