The SMRP (Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals, and the EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, developed a platform to compare maintenance and availability performance.

As part of the offering, SMRP has defined a number of “Best Practice Metrics” to measure maintenance performance. The process is ongoing, and metrics are publicly available at In 2000, EFNMS defined a set of indicators to measure maintenance performance ( These indicators are now incorporated in the European standard prEN 15341 “Maintenance Key Performance Indicators.” The joint platform the two organizations are currently working provides documentation of the similarities and differences in the SMRP metrics and the prEN 15341 standard.

The first indicators compared and identified as similar from prEN 15341 and the SMRP Metrics are:

SMRP Metric: 1.5 Annual Maintenance Cost per RAV – Annual Maintenance Cost;
Replacement Asset Value
prEN 15341 Metric: E1 – Total Maintenance Cost; Assets Replacement Value

SMRP Metric: 1.4 Stocked MRO – Stocked MRO Inventory Value Replacement Asset Value
prEN 15341 Metric: E7 – Average inventory value of maintenance materials
Asset Replacement Value

SMRP Metric: 5.13.1 Contractor Maintenance Cost – Contractor Maintenance Cost;
Total maintenance cost
prEN 15341 Metric: E10 – Total contractor cost; Total maintenance cost

SMRP Metric: 3.5.2 MTTR – Total Repair Time; Number of Repair Events
prEN 15341 Metric: T21 – Total time to restore (MTTR); Number of failures

SMRP Metric: 5.6.2 Proactive Work – PM & PdM Related Work
Total Work
prEN 15341 Metric: O18 – Preventive maintenance man-hours; Total maintenance man-hours

SMRP Metric: 1.2 Stock Outs – Inventory Requests not Fulfilled; Total Number of Inventory Requests
prEN 15341 Metric: O26 – Number of the spare parts supplied by the warehouse as requested; Total number of spare parts required by maintenance