Goulds Pumps”3298Series heavy-duty, magnetically driven, Tefzel-linedprocess pumps are designed to handle most chemicals and ultra-purefluids safely, reliably and at a minimum operational cost. Available inframe-mounted, close-coupled, vertical in-line, and self-primingconfigurations. Liquid-end parts are lined with a thick layer of Tefzelfor corrosion resistance and leak prevention. Sealless system meets EPAClean Air Act regulations. Supports efficiencies equal toconventionally sealed ANSI pumps. Offers capacities to 1,200 GPM (270m3/h), heads to 425 feet (129 m) and temperature limits to 250 F (121C). A less expensive alternative to Hasetelloy and/or titanium pumps,and a good fit for process-side pharmaceutical applications.