Dwyer Flow SensorDwyer Instruments Inc.’s Series MFS Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor is a low-cost, compact alternative to paddlewheel sensors. Unlike sensors with moving parts, the MFS can be applied in applications dealing with contaminated media, providing an accurate frequency output signal proportional to the flow (analog output option available). The flow sensor features no moving parts, no mechanical wear, and no maintenance. It also provides a reliable measuring technique, an obstruction-free pipe cross-section, as well as a quick-response time, making this series a good fit for interference-free operation. Any change in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration or electrical conductivity of the liquid does not affect the output signal of this magnetic inductive flow sensor. This, in addition to its long-life cycle, makes this flow sensor series suitable for accurate reversible gauging of volume flow of conductive liquids in closed piping. – www.dywer-inst.com