Magnetic FlowmeterMueller Systems earned Factory Mutual (FM) Approval (Fire Service Meters Approvals Class 1044) for the HbMAG magnetic flowmeter in 3- to 12-inch sizes. FM Approval is a global program providing third-party certification based on objectively testing property loss prevention products and services and certifying those that meet rigorous loss prevention standards. Mueller Systems says it believes the HbMAG magnetic flowmeter measures water flows more accurately than most mechanical meters—and it does so with virtually no reduction in line pressure, as it does not require a strainer or internal components that can become clogged and cause pressure loss. FM Approval is a result of the magnetic flowmeter’s ability to withstand all pressure, flow and reliability requirements necessary for installation in applications requiring a high degree of measurement accuracy across a broad range of flows. Such applications include establishing district metering areas, which can help utilities reduce non-revenue water, and charging commercial fire suppression systems—even in the event of an emergency flow requirement. The HbMAG magnetic flowmeter's accuracy and ability to improve operational efficiency for potable and reclaimed water systems makes it a  viable replacement option for applications that previously utilized a compound or horizontal turbine meter and for use in applications where minimal pressure loss and a broad range of flow rates are vital.