NewAge Industries”kink- and crush-resistant Vardex hose is designed for both pressure andvacuum applications. Made of clear PVC with steel wire reinforcement,the hose is suitable for either fluid or air transfer. Applicationsinclude chemical lines, material handling, medical appliancecomponents, cleaning equipment, water feeds and discharge, vacuumlines, shop air supply, conduit, food and beverage supply, andenvironmental suit air feed. The hose is asstrong as steel, while at the same time providing corrosion andabrasion resistance, clarity, rubber-like flexibility, and solid flowcharacteristics. Wire reinforcement allows the hose to resist kinking,crushing, and collapse, even at full vacuum (29.9 in./Hg.). This makesthe hose especially useful in applications where bends and turns areinvolved. The hose also eliminates the need for extra attachmentsinvolving fittings, clamps, separate pieces of hose, and the labor toassemble and install them. Based onproprietary construction, the hose”s spiral steel supporting wire iscompletely encased within the tubing and never contacts the inside oroutside of the hose. Manufactured from non-toxic ingredients thatconform to FDA standards, the hose has a mirror-smooth inner surface topermit maximum flow. Available from stock in nine sizes ranging from1/4″ to two inches I.D. Custom options include fabricated hoseassemblies with permanently crimped-on fittings, cut-to-length pieces,special sizes, formed shapes, and thermal bonding to other PVC tubingand hose.