GRW BearingGRW High Precision Bearings has expanded production of a special ball bearing that specifically meets the exacting demands of anemometers and gas flowmeters. Using a patented manufacturing procedure, GRW has developed a ball bearing with a new retainer that stands up to the extremely low torque requirements of meters used for measuring the flowrate of liquids and gases or anemometers for measuring wind velocities. GRW’s specialty bearings for gas and anemometers now make the smallest rates of flow or slightest winds measurable, dramatically improving performance for manufacturers seeking the lowest starting torque and low flow measurements. Using a new manufacturing procedure, GRW’s patented, precision ball bearing retainers are made with a combination of materials optimized to consistently provide strength and low friction over the life cycle of the bearing. This new process and the GRW ball bearing retainer properties render dramatic improvements over conventionally available ball bearings to specifically address the technological demands of gas meters and anemometers.