FlowMeters.com”sMAC Series electromagnetic flowmeters are designed for reliability inmeasuring very low flows of electrically conductive chemicals andfluids of varying viscosities. The flowmeters are small, plastic-bodiedinstruments capable of measuring pulsating flows from air andsolenoid-driven metering pumps.  The “minimag” meters are offeredin three sizes that accommodate nominal maximum flowrates from one toeight gallons per minute. The meters transmit a continuous flow signal,measure and display both flowrate and total flow, and provide a varietyof outputs including relay alarm outputs. The flowmeter sizes and theirnominal full-scale flowrates are: 1/4″, one gallon per minute (3.8liters per minute); 3/8″, three GPM (11 LPM); and 1/2″, eight GPM (30LPM). Low-flow cutoffs for each size are: 1/4″, .009 GPM (.04 LPM);3/8″, .025 GPM (0.1 LPM); and 1/2″, .065 GPM (.25 LPM). The meters havea four to 20 mA, zero to five volt flow signal and a frequency signal(up to 9,999 pulses per gallon) proportional to flow.  The metersalso have relay alarm outputs that signal if flow goes above or belowuser-set flow levels.  Flowrate is displayed in user-selected timeand volume units (for example, liters per minute). Total flow isdisplayed in the chosen units up to eight digits. Flow measurementaccuracy is +/- 1 percent of reading above 10 percent of full scale,+/- 3 percent below 10 percent of full scale. They tolerate fluidtemperatures up to 185 F and pressures up to 150 PSI at 75 F. Wettedmaterials include a body of Kynar PVDF, electrodes of platinum orHastelloy corrosion-resistant alloy, and internal seals of Vitonfluoroelastomer. Housings are of fusion-coated aluminum withpolycarbonate control/display units.