Setra Pressure TransducerSetra Systems has introduced the AccuSense Model ASL, a high-performance, low-range industrial differential-pressure transducer for measurement of air or other clean gases. The patented variable capacitive differential-pressure transducer has been industry-tested and preferred in applications that demand reliability, repeatability and accuracy. The Model ASL is designed to support the accuracy and performance needs of applications such as leak detection systems, test stands, wind tunnels, laboratories, and research & development. The differential-pressure transducer virtually eliminates overpressure concerns by the sensor’s rugged construction and factory conditioning, which enables up to 800x FS proof pressure (depending on pressure range) in both directions. This overpressure protection reduces the need to replace or recalibrate if the transducer is subjected to high line pressure in either the positive or negative direction. This feature is particularly beneficial for high line pressure application,s such as leak detection or leak testing. The Model ASL differential-pressure transducer offers exceptional accuracy at < +/-0.07 percent full scale over low differential-pressure ranges of 0-2.5” W.C. to 0-1 PSID. These low-pressure ranges, scaled by assessing the maximum pressure to be measured, allow for tighter accuracy over the measurement range. The Model ASL differential-pressure transducer can be configured for both unidirectional and bidirectional ranges, which allows customers to consolidate their low differential-pressure transducer needs into a single, high accuracy sensor model.