Orange Research”slow-cost differential-pressure gauges are rated at 2 percent accuracy,a good fit for filtration and other oilfield, pipeline, chemicalprocessing, refinery, and power plant applications where extremely highaccuracy is not necessary. With 10,000 PSI (680 bar) line pressureratings, the gauges measure differential pressures on liquids in rangesfrom 0-5″ H2O to 0-1,000 PSID. They are available with large,easy-to-read dials up to six inches in diameter in black or white. Thegauges feature pressure bodies machined from solid blocks of metal anda proprietary piston sensor assembly designed to withstand severeenvironments and high pressures. A magnetic coupling between the sensorassembly and the indicator completely separates process fluids from thegauge dial indicator, switches, or relays, making solid-front gauges orblowout ports unnecessary.