LORD Corporation (www.lord.com) appointed several international distributors in an effort to extend the reach of its balancing/vibration analyzer product line globally. T.E.V.A. Ltd. of the United Kingdom, IRM of Spain, SISTRAN of Portugal, ISE of Italy, RITEC of Egypt, VibraTek Eng Co. Ltd. of Turkey, MASIBUS Process Instruments of India, ALBEST High Tech Corp. of Taiwan, and Fukuda of Japan have been selected as official members of LORD”s distributor network. LORD also added several new representatives in North America, including Holan Enginering in Arkansas, Star Tech in Louisiana, Power Products in Washington, and Primac Reliability in British Columbia. The distributors and representatives will sell, install, and service LORD”s proprietary balancing technology — a permanently mounted system that continuously monitors vibration levels and corrects unbalance while a rotating piece of equipment is in operation. The system is capable of making balance corrections in as little as 30 to 120 seconds. It supports such industrial systems as pumps, turbines, generators, compressors, grinders, lathes, spindles, and drive shafts.