Setra Systems”Model 235 wet-to-wet transducer is designed for differential-pressuremeasurement of liquids or gases in applications with line pressures upto 2500 PSIG. The transducer features a patented inductive sensingtechnology with no liquid filled diaphragm to eliminate thepossibility of batch contamination and thermal transient errors. Wettedparts are stainless steel, alumina ceramic, and glass. The transduceris accurate to +/- 0.18 percent full scale with a total error band of+/- 0.5 percent full scale over the compensated temperature range of–20 F to 160 F on five PSID through 500 in. W.C. pressure ranges. Totalerror band on the two-PSID units is +/- 0.75 over the compensatedtemperature range. There is virtually no shift in output atwarm-up, and an update rate of 25 ms (typical) makes the unit a goodfit for pressure applications that require a stable, fast response.This unit is offered with a choice of four to 20 mA or 0.5 to 4.5 VDCoutput with pressure ranges as low as two PSID up to 500 in. W.C., anda choice of all stainless steel housing with cable termination oraluminum housing with terminal block. Both versions are rated for NEMA4/IP65 operation and are ideally suited to OEM applications.