Emerson Process Management”s Daniel 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter features electronics combined with advanced digital signal processing for less sensitivity to changes in the flow profile, solids or entrained air, which results in accurate, stable and reliable measurement. The meter can be used to measure liquid products with a high accuracy of +/-0.3 percent and repeatability of +/-0.1 percent due to sophisticated algorithms and the configuration of its measuring ultrasonic paths. The meter utilizes two mid-radius, parallel-plane measurement paths to reduce the influence of flow disturbances and offers all the advantages of transit time and inline ultrasonic flowmeters. Ultrasonic flow measurement is independent of conductivity, temperature, density and pressure. Within the meter body are four non-wetted, intrinsically safe transducers that allow the meter to maintain high accuracy over widely varying flow conditions. These transducers are field-replaceable without the need to empty or depressurize the meter, reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime. The unobstructed ultrasonic flow tube with smooth surface finish inhibits material build-up.