Conflow Technologies” BC210PA liquid management system uses the Proces-Data PD340 electromagnetic flow transmitter as it sensing element. The PD340 features a square measuring tube and full-length electrodes, which are designed to create a consistent magnetic field across the flow profile. This allows the PD340 to perform to a higher level of precision than conventional magnetic flowmeters. It also gives the meter a turndown ratio of up to 100-to-1. The low-flow measurement can be further enhanced with a special order for low-flow calibration. The system is a good fit for juice concentrate, wineries, breweries, beverage and chemical applications. The device is mounted on a rugged NEMA 4-rated stainless steel enclosure, with a front-panel microprocessor operator interface, gel cell batteries and 120VAC charger. The device is available in sizes fron one inch to three inches.

A calibration certification traceable to NIST standards comes with every system.