AST Liquid Level SensorAmerican Sensor Technologies’ AST45PT liquid level sensor for hydrostatic level and temperature measurement provides two independent 4-20mA output signals for a level signal and a temperature signal. With measurement ranges from 1 PSI (27.68 in. water column) to 100 PSI (230.67 ft water column), the instrument can be used in a range of applications. AST offers five temperature ranges and eight cable length options to make integration simple. Each AST45PT comes with a removable nose cone. While it is installed on the sensor to protect the sensing element from damage during submersion, users have the option to remove it to access the ¼-inch NPT male pressure port. The sensor is designed with a ½-inch NPT conduit fitting at the electrical connection. Conduit can be installed over the cable to provide rigidity in turbulent tanks or protection from sharp objects.