MTS Sensors”M-Series magnetostrictive sensing technology provides both tank leveland temperature measurement of flammable liquids. With a rugged design,the M-Series is capable of monitoring light oils, diesel fuels, andgasoline at various locations throughout the United States. The levelsensors are a good fit for above-ground storage tankapplications.  By providing temperature monitoring along withlevel measurement, they allow users to closely monitor the volume ofproduct in tanks. The sensor, consisting of a flexible stainless steelpipe and electronics contained in explosion-proof housing, works bysending an electrical pulse along the length of the waveguide installedin the tank. A float with an integral magnet rests on the liquidlevel’s surface and allows the electronics to calculate the level orinterface inside the tank from the return signal generated by theinteraction between the waveguide pulse and the float magneticfield.  The float moves up and down the pipe as liquid raises orlowers in the tank.  Digital temperature sensors along the lengthof the pipe determine the temperature of the stored fuel for accuratemonitoring. The level sensor provides solid accuracy for bothunderground and above-ground storage tank applications. With thecapability to provide level, interface, and temperature measurement allfrom one tank opening, the sensor offers a wide variety of options forstorage tank operators. The level sensors also provide remoteprogramming and diagnostic capabilities via serial communication tosimplify commissioning and trouble-shooting.  The sensor has amaximum nonlinearity of 0.008 percent full scale (1/16″) and arepeatability of less than 0.002 percent full scale (0.015″). It isavailable in various lengths, from 18 in. to 60 ft.