Alemite’s Bigview tank monitor is designed to provide safe and accurate fluid level monitoringfor bulk tanks used to hold nonflammable, petroleum-based fluids,synthetic oils, and antifreeze. Users can view tank-levelinformation in real time from a PC. The system canmonitor multiple tanks simultaneously. It operates using acontroller, which connects to a series of probes. Each tank hasone probe that relays information back to a computer through directconnection or a modem. The system sends a warning to the computerif tank levels are too high or low. In addition, the system canrelay information directly to an oil provider via modem. The system canmonitor up to 16 tanks per controller per station and display tank level information for each tank. Tanks can be monitoredacross multiple stations using additional controllers. The tankmonitor system is password protected for security and has a loggingfeature that allows it to save all communication sequences to the harddrive.