Emerson ProcessManagement”s Rosemount 5300 Series guided-wave radar level instrument features DirectSwitch Technology (DST) for an echosignal that is two-to-five times stronger than other GWR transmitters.The improved signal-to-noise ratio means enhanced ability to handledifficult measuring conditions, like long measuring distances and lowerdielectrics, also with a single lead probe. Applications include tanks, bridles, silos with solids, undergroundtanks, and liquid gas. The radar systemfeatures the same modular design, electronics, and robusthousing as the Rosemount 5400 noncontacting radar.Electronics and cable connections are located in separate compartments,providing safer handling and improved moisture protection. The probes of theRosemount 5300 providemultiple layers of protection, enabling reliable operation in hightemperature and high pressure applications up to 752 F (400 C) or5,000 PSIG (345 bar). The transmitter seal includes a temperatureand pressure barrier in a flexible assembly to handle forces induced byprobe movement and temperature variations. A second brazed hermetic,gas-tight seal provides another layer of protection, and the entireassembly is welded into a stainless-steel sleeve for totalrobustness. Probes are available in materials such as SST,Hastelloy, Monel, and PTFE-covered SST to withstand corrosiveenvironments. FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, and PlantWeb functionality allow the transmitter to integrate easily into new or existing controlsystems.