InterTech Leak DetectorInterTech Development Company offers full Ethernet IP compatibility with their M1075 line of leak detectors. The full control of test cycles and transmission of test results to a PLC or central server is managed through a single-wire protocol. InterTech instrumentation transfers data bi-directionally, quickly changes parameters, and offers full traceability. Corporate data networks can be linked for real time analysis of test results and corrective action of a process without production downtime. The capability to download historical test data and calibration files meets traceability requirements of today’s advanced quality control systems. The InterTech software design readily accommodates demand for additional functional testing like flow resistance, cracking pressure or reseat pressure. InterTech M1075 leak detectors incorporate user-friendly features such as real-time graphic display of each test cycle for troubleshooting and analyzing the cause of defects. Other features include simplified calibration and 6.5-inch color screen with touch screen prompts. –