Fluid Conservation Systems” (FCS) S30 Surveyor Leak Noise Amplification System is designed to identify leaking pipes in a water distribution network by detecting a distinct noise that travels along the pipe, through the water, and sometimes to the surface. To detect and locate this noise, the S30’s sensor is placed in contact with any access point (valve, hydrant, etc.) in the distribution system, and sound from the pipeline is transmitted through the S30’s aviator-quality headphones, allowing the operator to listen for leak noise. The device’s analog meter measures the noise intensity in the pipe and, by listening at several points in a given area, the user can determine the general location of a leak. The S30 is also supplied with a surface sounding plate, which attaches to the ground sensor and allows operators to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Once leak noise is detected, the devices Patroller II technology collects the data transmitted by Permalog+ leak noise loggers wirelessly from onboard a moving patrol vehicle. Its system software allows setup and operation from a single PC or laptop, with no requirement to program and retrieve data using a PDA device before uploading it to a separate PC for analysis.