Last year the TA2 went through a redesign, what are the main upgrades?

There are numerous new features including:

  • Backlit display for viewing the display in dark areas

  • Rotatable housing, which permits the customer to easily rotate the position of the housing to view from any angle

  • Second mA output, which can be used for temperature or a second operating range

  • Ability to calibrate on two different gases

  • New sensor design, which permits higher velocities

  • Optional pulse output to connect to a totalizer or PLC

  • PACTware interface

The sensor has been redesigned in two areas:

  • The internals of the sensor have been improved, which permits higher velocities

  • The pins are no longer side by side—they are now staggered and closer together. This new design reduces blockage of flow through the window, reduces sensitivity to orientation, and provides greater clearances with less chance of buildup.