Emerson MicroMotion Coriolis FlowmeterEmerson Process Management has expanded its range of Micro Motion ELITE High-Capacity Coriolis flowmeters to include a large-line size version with 16-inch (400 millimeter) process connections. This Coriolis meter is designed to address the need for high-accuracy, large-line size measuring instruments. The introduction of the 16-inch version expands the scope of Micro Motion High Capacity Coriolis flowmeters to applications including oil and gas pipelines, refinery oil movement and storage, specialty chemicals, and marine bunkering. The ELITE High Capacity Coriolis product line includes 10 sensor models covering 6-16 inch (150-400 millimeter) line sizes. They have flowrates up to 120,000 pounds/minute (3,266,000 kilograms/hour) and density accuracies of +/-0.0005 grams per cubic centimeter. With a compact design, the new 16-inch version needs 52 inches (1,300 millimeters) between mounting flanges and, depending on the flow conditions and process fluid properties, the meters can be mounted in any orientation. They have a temperature range of -400 F to 392 F (-240 C to 200 C), with an optional high-temperature version. – emersonprocess.com