GF Piping Systems”Type 567 Butterfly Valve is available in large-diameter sizes up to 12inches. The corrosion-resistant valve incorporates a double-eccentricoperating principle that provides improved wear and easier operationover traditional eccentric-style butterfly valves. Typical applicationsinclude industrial water treatment, potable water treatment, swimmingpools, water parks, and wastewater systems in such industries aschemical, chemical distribution, electroplating, and power plants. Keyto the valve’s double-eccentric disc design is the off-center shaftthat allows the disc to completely disengage from the disc seal, evenwhen partially open.  This reduces seal friction and improves sealwear characteristics, resulting in longer service life, minimalmaintenance, and better protection against pressure surges. Othercharacteristics include bi-directional capability and a high PSI ratingnot normally associated with large-diameter sizes. The Type 567 alsofeatures a specially engineered body seal with a Q-shaped O-ring thateliminates the need for flat gaskets and is compatible with any flangeadaptor design, including those with serrated faces.  The wettedinner body, plus the disc and bearings, are made of the same materialas the corresponding pipe material for improved fit as well ascorrosion and chemical resistance.  The inner body, discs, andbearings are available in PVC, CPVC, PP (polypropylene) and SYGEF® PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) materials.