FC-0515-KROHNE_Symposium Courtesy KROHNE Inc. KROHNE Inc. will be jointly sponsoring the Oil & Gas Technologies Symposium – Advances for Upstream and Midstream sectors, June 4-5, 2015, at KROHNE’s Oil & Gas Headquarters, in Houston, Texas. Other sponsors include ROSEN, Trihedral, Phoenix Contact, and the SAMSON Group.

KROHNE experts will be presenting on the basics of Coriolis measurement in natural gas liquids (NGL) and oil applications considering American Petroleum Institute (API) practices, including; the basics of ultrasonic flow measurement in NGL and oil applications; validation of custody transfer metering via enhanced diagnostics; and level and interface measurement for crude oil separators.

In addition, KROHNE will conduct a hands-on training demonstration of flow computer configuration and control capabilities, which will cover gas and liquid custody transfer measurement; input devices, historical trends, data logging, display, and PLC functionality.

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KROHNE will also lead a pipeline leak detection workshop, where participants will learn about regulatory requirements, causes of leaks, and available detection methods. System functions and leak detection will be shown in a live demonstration.

Attendees can individualize seminar content to suit their specific interests and each session leader will distribute a discussion document as a resource for future reference.

Participants will receive professional development hours (PDH) for attendance at the symposium’s educational presentations and workshops. To register, go here.