A new course, “Vortex Flowmeters: Applications,” has been released on the KROHNE Academy online learning platform. The free-of-charge eLearning course deals with the most common uses of Vortex flowmeters in auxiliary and supply circuits. It covers the requirements for applications that involve steam, compressed air, and natural gas, and explains how to leverage vortex flowmeters to their advantage. The following sample applications are discussed in detail:

  • Steam boiler monitoring
  • Measurement of steam consumption
  • Steam distribution and billing
  • Gross/net heat measurement
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Gas burner measurement

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The course consists of one learning module with a corresponding test allowing participants to assess their knowledge. The course has been made available in English and German to date, however other language versions (e.g. Russian, Chinese) are planned to be released in 2015.

For this course and additional process instrumentation courses, visit the KROHNE Academy online: http://academy-online.krohne.com.