KROHNE ACADEMYKROHNE, Inc. announced the availability of the KROHNE Academy, featuring Web-based training on measurement technologies and other topics for process measurement personnel.

KROHNE says the interactive process measurement training courses are a good fit for process measurement personnel who work with different measurement principles on a daily basis, as well as students and others who wish to update their knowledge of process measurement techniques and applications in technical installations.

The academy’s training courses are audio-enhanced, interactive, and published on a eLearning platform. Each course is focused on either a flow measurement technology, such as variable area, vortex, ultrasonic or mass flow, or on a more general topic, like the basics of gas measurement or pipeline leak detection.

The online KROHNE academy is vendor agnostic and not specific to individual products and/or industries. KROHNE says no special knowledge is required, but it is useful to have basic technical understanding of process measurement. Training is free and there is unlimited use of the learning platform, which is available in English, German, French, and Chinese. Online registration is available.

Course participants can use the academy courses at any time of the day and at their own speed. Learning progress evaluation and certification is available. Participants can also engage and interact with KROHNE technical experts on specific issues.

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