Peter Nielsen, CEO of the KE-Burgmann Group and Neville Barber, founder of ESJ, at the signing of a deal marking KE-Burgmann’s acquisition of ESJ.

KE-Burgmann ( of Denmark, a subsidiary of the EagleBurgmann Group (, acquired 100 percent ownership of American company EJS Inc. (Expansion Joint Systems, based in Santee, Calif. KE-Burgmann, a manufacturer of fabric, metal and rubber expansion joints, expects the acquisition of ESJ to expand and strengthen its product portfolio. EJS was established in 1984 and is a manufacturer of highly engineered metal expansion joints. According to KE-Burgmann, ESJ has a market share of 35 percent in the U.S. and Canadian expansion joint segment. EJS will be known as KE-Burgmann EJS going forward.

Highly engineered expansion joints are used for oil & gas and petrochemical applications, such as conveyance of highly aggressive media in the fields of styrene processing and catalytic cracking plants (FCCU Fluid Catalytic Cracking/CCRU Continuous Catalytic Cracking Units).

EJS is a member of the internationally recognized organization EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturer Association,, a body responsible for the standards and design criteria to which expansion joints are subject. ESJ is ASME-certified (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, in accordance with Section VIII, Division 1 and a certified PED-compliant (European Pressure Equipment Directive) manufacturer.

EJS founder Neville Barber will serve as KE-Burgmann ESJ’s general manager.