K-Tron International (www.ktron.com) formed a process business unit, merging the company’s Pneumatic Conveying Group into the K-Tron Feeder Group. The purpose of the reorganization is to more closely align the pneumatic conveying business with the feeder business since both share common customers and the feeder business represents a significant distribution channel for the pneumatic conveying products. The K-Tron Process Group will have three brands and product lines: K-Tron Feeders, K-Tron Pneumatic Conveying Systems (PCS), and K-Tron Colormax.

As part of that reorganization, K-Tron will phase out the use of its Hurricane brand name that the Feeder Group has used for its sale of pneumatic conveying products and instead use K-Tron Pneumatic Conveying Systems (PCS). At the same time, K-Tron will phase out use of the name K-Tron Soder as the brand name for feeders and simply use K-Tron Feeders.

Kevin C. Bowen, who served as president of K-Tron America and executive vice president of the global K-Tron Feeder Group, will head the global K-Tron Process Group.

— Flow Control Staff