Over the past month, we’ve added some new and compelling video content to the FlowTube video service on FlowControlNetwork.com. FlowTube is a running archive of videos that focuses on various and sundry technologies and solutions for fluid movement, measurement and containment. Here are brief summaries of the video content we’ve added to FlowTube recently, with direct links to the video player page so you can watch what you want. If you have videos (or suggestions) for our FlowTube service, email us at FlowControl@GrandViewMedia.com.

PTC 19.3 TW Thermowell Standard Video A Primer On the New PTC 19.3 TW Thermowell Calculation Standard

There’s been a change in the thermowell calculation standard, performance test code (PTC) 19.3. After years of development, PTC 19.3 TW is the new standard. The following video offers a primer on the details of the new PTC 19.3 TW specification and explains what it means for thermowell users.

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How Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters WorkHow Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeters Work

The following video provides a tutorial on the principle of operation for transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters. If you've ever wondered how transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters measure flow, watch this video for a quick and easy-to-digest explanation.

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LJ Star LED Lighting Sight GlassSight Glass Lighting: LED vs. Halogen

The following video highlights the advantages of LED lighting for sight glass applications and explains the differences between LED and halogen lighting options.

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