ITT, Goulds Pumps, PumpsITT’s Goulds Pumps brand launched the third annual “World of Pumps Quiz,” which runs for 20 weeks, offering new sets of questions biweekly through midnight on March 30, 2014. Last year 15,000 people from 151 countries participated in the quiz.

The third edition of the World of Pumps Quiz enables contestants to view questions from the first two editions, features an advanced Expert Challenge level—a second set of questions for users who want to test their knowledge to a higher technical degree, and encourages players to submit their own questions to be considered for future editions of the quiz. 

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The World of Pumps Quiz is the kick-off activity in an annual program leading to “Pump Appreciation Day,” an event initiated by ITT’s Goulds Pumps brand and celebrated the second Tuesday in April.

Pump Appreciation Day celebrates pumps as “the heart of industry” and features awards for outstanding organizations and individuals in the field, as well as activities to promote heart health.

To enter the World of Pumps Quiz, participants can go to Once they answer the basic question correctly, quiz-takers can sign up to receive automatic notifications when the next basic question is posted.

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