Thermo Fisher Scientific”s ITQ Ion Trap GC/MS Series gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) ion trap instruments feature external ionization. The ITQ 700, ITQ 900, and ITQ 1100 ion trap systems are fully upgradeable systems designed to provide high performance and high specificity. Developed for a range of applications, from routine GC/MS to research-grade ion trap MS, these new systems address the analytical needs of the environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical QA/QC, forensics, and toxicology industries, as well as academic laboratories. The ITQ 700 is designed for routine full-scan quantitation and general teaching applications. The ITQ 900 incorporates full-scan sensitivity of ion trap mass spectrometry with the increased flexibility of the Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra gas chromatograph. The ITQ 1100 features new advanced MS/MS (MSn) functions. These high-performance ion trap-based GC/MS systems are ideal for laboratories seeking the most powerful GC/MS platform and optimal flexibility.