Asahi/America, Inc.’s Type 57IL Isolator Lug butterfly valve features a lug design in which the 316 stainless steel lugs are inserted into the valve body during the injection molding process, permanently combining the lugs and valve body into one unit. This design permits removal of the downstream flange while maintaining full upstream line pressure. The Type 57IL Isolator Lug retains the existing features of Asahi/America’s Type 57 butterfly valve. The flange stopper with absorption channel technology reduces the possibility of over-tightening the mating flanges of the Type 57IL. The molded flange stopper acts as a body-stop limiting the compression of the valve’s full-seat design liner. The absorption channel acts as stress relief by allowing for a molded body area for the valve liner to migrate to in the event of over-compression. The valve’s spherical disc design provides high-cycle life expectancy, while also improving flow characteristics across the valve resulting in higher CV values than previously achievable. The butterfly valves are available in 3 inches to 8 inches as lever-style (with an option for a gear-operator) and 10 inches to 12 inches as gear-operator-style only. The Type 57IL features a non-wetted, low-profile valve stem, ISO 5211 top-flange mounting pattern, full-seat liner design, and a molded padlock provision for lever handle models. The Type 57IL can also be electrically or pneumatically actuated using Asahi/America’s actuators.