Flowserve PumpFlowserve Corporation’s expanded range of Durco Mark 3 ISO chemical process pumps is fully compliant with ISO 2858 (dimensional) and ISO 5199 (design) criteria. With flows to 1400 m3/h/6160 GPM, heads to 220 m/720 ft, and operating temperatures from -80 C to 400 C (-112 F to 752 F), the pump is available in 45 sizes, plus many designs, configurations and material combinations. It is designed to offer increased reliability through its heavy-duty casing, large radial and thrust bearings, and SealSentry seal chamber. A range of impeller options is available, including the Durco signature “reverse vane” impeller. Cost-effective maintenance can be achieved via its back pullout design, two-piece bearing housing, micrometer-style impeller adjustment mechanism, and high degree of parts interchangeability. www.flowserve.com/mark3iso