ISA”s 7th Annual Fugitive Emissions-LDAR Symposium will be held June 5-7 at the Doubletree Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. The event will focus on compliance with leak detection and repair requirements, methods, and management.

David Schanbacher, chief engineer for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), will deliver the keynote address at the symposium. His topic will focus on the Texas State Implementation Plan (SIP), an enforceable plan developed at the state level that explains how the state will comply with air quality standards according to the federal Clean Air Act.

Monitoring data, emissions inventory, and photochemical modeling provided vital information, which TCEQ used when revising its State Implementation Plan. Certified as a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas, Schanbacher provides oversight and guidance on engineering standards of TCEQ and coordinates major engineering initiatives and studies.

More than 15 companies will showcase their products and services on leak detection and repair and will be on hand to answer questions. The event is being touted by ISA as a unique opportunity for newcomers, professionals, and regulatory agencies to network together for the common purpose of reducing emissions in ways that are effective and efficient.

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