ISA”s SP-100 committee, Wireless Standards for Automation, formed a new user working group to provide input and feedback to the committee”s technical working groups.

The User Working Group (UWG) was formed to ensure the ISA SP-100 standard will be consistent and provide maximum benefit to the market. The UWG will review, comment on, and provide recommendations for the work of all SP-100 technical working groups. The group will focus on both current and future industrial applications for wireless technology and provide input that will help drive the development of ISA SP-100 compliant devices from multiple suppliers. The UWG will act as a single, global voice of the end-user community.

The UWG will develop a “User Requirements” document, detailing requirements in users” language by February 2007. The document will provide ongoing, real-time input and feedback and will serve as a mechanism for critical end-user communications throughout the standards development process.

Members of the UWG will be meeting this week at the ISA SP-100.11a committee meeting in Amsterdam. WIB, the International Instrument Users” Association (, is also sending a contingent of European users to provide input to the ISA SP-100.11a effort.

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