ISA ( updated its CyberU online university program. The ISA online training program, originally launched in 2002, previously offered customers access to over 100 courses and featured a learning management system (LMS) for students and managers to track progress. At the time of the launch, ISA also began working with third-party content providers to develop over 150 CD-ROM training products, covering 26 subjects.

Working with third-party vendors, ISA CyberU course offerings have now been expanded to over 300 courses online and on CD-ROM. ISA”s distance-education program, now termed ISA CyberU, features online courses, CD-ROM training, DVD courses, video training, and Web seminar courses covering the world of automation.

Specific curricula offered by ISA CyberU cover automation and control, basic workplace skills, electrical maintenance, machine technology, maintenance troubleshooting, mechanical maintenance, predictive maintenance, and preparation for ISA”s CCST and CIMM exams.

In conjunction with the upgrades to ISA CyberU”s learning management system, ISA is also working with a third-party vendor to design a CIMM (Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic) needs assessment tool. An online testing vehicle, the tool will be designed to enable individuals to measure their progress and identify areas for improvement when preparing to take the exam.