Jordan, Knauff & Company published a report, titled Flow Control Industry In-Sight Initiating Coverage, which focuses on the pumps, valves and filtration segments from a capital markets perspective. According to Jordan, Knauff & Company, the flow control industry, which it defines as pumps, valves and filters, represented a $146 billion market 2006-2008:
* Valves – $62.6 billion in 2006
* Pumps – $37.7 billion 2007
* Filters – $45.5 billion in 2008

As a general observation, Jordan, Knauff & Company says all three industries are mature with limited developments in product innovation, and growth, at least historically, has generally been in line with Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”) growth, though there are certainly some exciting “pockets” of innovation and growth (e.g., ultraviolet disinfection, membrane bioreactor systems, etc.). According to Jordan, Knauff & Company, all three categories remain highly fragmented, despite some degree of consolidation having already taken place.

The report includes relevant public company information, industry merger and acquisition data, and private equity investment in the sector. The report examines historical industry dynamics, including relevant merger and acquisition activity and other significant shareholder liquidity events (e.g., raising capital), and the underlying driving forces and motivating factors for buyers and sellers in the industry.

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