Setra Systems”Model 595 digitally compensated submersible pressure transducerfeatures integral specific-gravity compensation to provide levelreading even when subjected to media temperature changes over the rangeof +23 F to +113 F (-5 C to +45 C), making the unit a good fit for pumptests. The pressure transducer has 318 stainless steel wetted parts toprovide corrosion-resistance in long-term submersible operations. Thetransducer”s custom-designed hermetic header prevents water fromentering the unit even if the cable sheath is damaged. Rapid ventingis achieved through the large-bore vent tube connected directly to theback of the sensor. The transducer is offered with a choice of two-wire/four to 20 mA (foruse with noncommunication data recorders), SDI-12 with four to 20 mA,RS485, or SDI-12 output. The SDI-12 communication version offersminimal current draw for battery-powered operation. The SDI-12and RS485 versions allow remote calibration via the cable by means of aPC or a handheld interface. Offered in gauge pressure ranges from fivemWG up to 40 mWG, the transducer has a total error band of less than+/- 0.1 percent over the compensated temperature range. The pressureport is a G 1/4″ at External Thread with Nosecone, and the electricaltermination is a Polyurethane cable. The 318SS enclosure is ratedIP68 to 200 mWG.