7 New Online Tools for Fluid Handling & Flow Control

7 new online tools and websites for fluid handling & flow control.

Fluid Handling Web Resources
Fluid Handling Web Resources

Fc Blog 0413Blog for Pressure Instrumentation
American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) has  a new blog for pressure instrumentation and related items. AST said it hopes to keep customers up to date with the latest product updates, inform visitors of new developments within the sensor industry, and educate the marketplace on how sensors are being used and applied. With factors such as liquid and gas compatibility, environmental conditions, mechanical installation, and electrical installation, the selection of a pressure transducer can become overwhelming. By increasing the amount of information available in an easily searchable blog database, AST said it hopes to increase awareness. AST has begun posting to the blog with topics ranging from oxygen pressure transducers to eliminating diaphragm seals.

Fc Blog 0413 Control Mobile Website for Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Controls
ControlAir, Inc., a manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls, has launched a mobile version of the ControlAir website. Accessible from any Web-enabled phone or smartphone, the site connects customers, wherever they may be, with the latest product information. Smartphone users will be automatically directed to the mobile website when they navigate to www.ControlAir.com. The mobile website provides customers with easily accessible information such as product data sheets, product specifications, installation, operation and maintenance instructions, certificates, FAQs, and distributor information.

Fc Blog 0413 Lj StarOnline Demo Shows Difference 
Between LED & Halogen Sight Glass Lights


L.J. Star Inc., a provider of process observation equipment, has added an online demo to its website that uses actual photos to show how LED sight glass lights make it easier to observe chemical and pharmaceutical processes through a sight glass, compared to halogen lights. LED sight glass lights approximate daylight at mid-day (4800-6300 Kelvin) while halogen sight glass lights approximate dusk (2800 Kelvin) and cause eye strain. Through actual photos showing LED vs. Halogen lighting, process operators and process system engineers can see the difference between using LED sight glass lighting compared to traditional halogen light.

Fc Blog 0413 MacroOnline LVDT Position Sensor Guide
Macro Sensors offers an online Position Sensor Guide that is intended to help quickly identify the right LVDT Linear Position Sensor for an application based on desired options such as measurement range, output, body diameter, operating temperature, and other specs. Using selection criteria, the Position Sensor Guide filters through hundreds of sensor options to provide a short list of suggested LVDTs that meet specific specifications. The more sensor specification options chosen, the more closely the Position Sensor Guide can narrow down selection to the right standard LVDT Linear Position Sensor that matches customer requirements. The Position Selection Guide even considers certifications and approvals, as well as the LVDT’s ability to operate in different environments such as ambient/atmospheric pressure, high pressures, and subsea submersion.  

Fc Blog 0413 ParkerMulti-Platform App for Tube Fitting Identification

Parker Hannifin Corporation's Tube Fitting Division has launched Parker FittingFinder, a mobile, tablet and Web-based app that brings the hydraulic tube fitting and adapter identification process to users' fingertips. The app is designed to allow customers to quickly and easily identify and locate fittings by selecting the fitting's shape, end type, size, and material. Using that information, FittingFinder provides an "emailable" specs page containing product dimensions and a link to the fitting's CAD file on the Web. Parker FittingFinder is available for free on Android and Apple IOS devices from the App stores or from www.parkerfittingfinder.com, where users can also access a Web-based version of FittingFinder.

Fc Blog 0413 Process
Process Technology Launches New Website


Process Technology, a wet process heating and cooling equipment manufacturer, launched its new website at www.processtechnology.com. The  new website combines a contemporary design with streamlined navigation to better present the company’s product information to visitors. The site contains a full library of literature, manuals, technical data, and will soon offer e-catalogs to enhance the user experience. It is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices, and offers access to Process Technology’s news and social networks.

Fc Blog 0413 WildenPaint & Coatings Website
Wilden, a supplier air-operated double-diaphragm (AOOD) pump technology, has launched a new website designed specifically for the Paint & Coatings market. The new website was developed to help manufacturers improve fluid transfer efficiencies to maximize productivity while reducing costs and minimizing maintenance and downtime. Wilden says the in-depth website will help manufacturers gain a stronger understanding of evolving global environmental regulations and manufacturing trends. The site includes a history of Paint & Coatings, market overview, as well as a description of the paint & coatings production process.

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