Glossary of Terms: MEMS pressure measurement

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BENIGN: (Noncorrosive Gases) Requires the least amount of sensor packaging.

CORROSIVE: (Gases & Liquids) To handle these aggressive types of applications, more complex and costly sensors packages are required to isolate the MEMS device from the media.

DIRECT-BONDING: This unique way of bonding MEMS devices eliminates the leak paths by offering a full hermetic seal against the media.

ELECTROMECHANICAL: A mechanical device driven by electricity. For example, a transducer is an electromechanical measuring system that converts a mechanical parameter to electrical signals.

KRYSTAL BOND: This process molecularly diffuses strain gauges onto the metal diaphragm surface using inorganic materials and high temperatures.

LVDT: (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) While very versatile, MEMS technology cannot solve demanding applications with high radiation, very high proof pressures and temperatures. In these situations, mature technologies, such LVDTs now can be repackaged with modern material and electronics to solve emerging markets and applications, such as those involving thorium-based nuclear power and high sulfidation processes associated with heavy oil, process control, and bio-chemicals.

MEDIA COMPATABILITY:  MEMS in pressure sensors can be divided into three areas of media compatibility: benign and noncorrosive dry gases, noncorrosive and slight levels of humidity, and corrosive gases and liquids.

MEMS: (micro-electromechanical system) A process technology that combines sensors, actuators, mechanical components, etc., on one silicon or germanium base.

MEMS PRESSURE SENSOR: Incorporates MEMS for reduced sensor package size, cost and weight.

NEMS: (Nano Electro Mechanical Systems) Offer many advantages over MEMS, such as low power, faster response, multi-variable outputs (pressure, temperature and acoustic) from a single device. While these devices are now limited to R&D at some leading universities and research institutes, commercialization is expected in 2017 and beyond.

OIL-FILLED MEMS: As media became more corrosive and toxic, MEMS devices employed a very thin metallic membrane and oil fill to isolate the media from the environment. The oil fill is normally some grade of silicone oil.

PRESSURE SENSOR: A millivolt (one thousandth of a volt) output signal sensing device.

SLIGHT HUMIDITY: To protect the sensor against media effects from humidity, a protective gel is placed on top of MEMS devices for top pressure loading or isolated silicon or germanium membrane.

The terms and definitions for this word search were contributed by Macro Sensors.

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