April’s Top Fluid Handling Videos on FlowControlNetwork.com

Over the past month, we’ve added some new and compelling video content to the FlowTube fluid handling video service on FlowControlNetwork.com.

Featured FlowTube Graphic
Featured FlowTube Graphic

Over the past month, we’ve added some new and compelling video content to the FlowTube video service on FlowControlNetwork.com. FlowTube is a running archive of videos that focuses on technologies and solutions for fluid movement, measurement and containment. Here are brief summaries of the video content we added to FlowTube in April, with direct links to the video player page so you can watch what you want. If you have videos (or suggestions) for our FlowTube video service, email us at FlowControl@GrandViewMedia.com.

Flow Tube 0413 AshcroftHow to Calibrate a Pressure Switch

This video from Ashcroft Inc. offers basic pressure switch calibration instructions—easy-to-follow steps to begin the process of calibrating an Ashcroft pressure switch, covering how to perform a setpoint calibration, measure increasing and decreasing setpoint, and tips for vacuum setpoints.

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Flow Tube 0413 Valve Man CryogenicWhat is a Cryogenic Ball Valve?

A cryogenic ball valve is a valve used in very cold applications, below -40 F. This short video from ValveMan explains the types of temperature conditions for cryogenic ball valves and other add-ons such as an extended bonnet.

Brought to you by ValveMan

Flow Tube 0413 Endress VortexHow Vortex Flowmeters Work

In 16th century Italy, Leonardo da Vinci observed how vortices form in flowing water. Some 400 years later, Hungarian physicist Theodore von Karmen described the physical laws for how these vortices take shape. Today, vortex flowmeters based on the "Vortex Principle" are used to measure liquids flowing through piping systems. This video explains how vortex flowmeters work.

Brought to you by Endress+Hauser

Flow Tube 0313 KrohneModular Radar Level Measurement Solution for Liquid & Solid Applications

KROHNE highlights the capabilities of its new modular-by-design OPTIFLEX TDR radar level measurement system. The device was designed and developed according to IEC 61508 for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 and is designed for a range of industrial applications.

Brought to you by KROHNE

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